arren. Everything becomes still, black water poles turned away, seeing will burst in front of Liu Zhengyu, hell of the door slowly and open. A green light door flashed out, and instantly flew to the black water polo around, constantly rotating, the whole seaside moment dark, saw a huge animal cover the whole sea. This animal is the power of the supernatural power of one of the top ten beasts, guardian of the underworld of the lack of animal, the next moment so that everyone shocked the scene again, I saw the lack of open mouth even with a strong strengt.h, black Fog wrapped water ball swallowed into the stomach. The tail of a pendulum directly to the quiet king of cold trouble, cold Mo cohesion together to split the animal s tail, but it can IASSC Certification not stop the animal s attack, his body was hit, black blood spray out. Cold Mo annoying already clear at this time, which is known as the Emperor under the top ten of the animal, practice can not be compared, only metamorphosis, even if the battle against the Emperor, he may not be able to lose, but the face of these transcendent monsters , IASSC it exam His practice can only help IASSC him escape, he did not attack, endured the beast to give him a blow to the pain, lightning back to the back, disappeared without a trace. Cold Mo trouble practice can escape, can be bitter with him to c.ome to the heroic warriors, but the absence of a record pendulum tail, thousands of people actually no survivors. Chapter 251 Curs

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