he edge. Xu Chang.sheng immediately refuted to. Hey Xu three master sigh. Not as good as his father to inquire about, to see who is difficult to swords cousin, if you can know the reason, but also let the ginger cousin apology. Xu Changhuai Road. Xu Chongzheng Shen Xiu long At present can only do so. Several people nodded. Jiang Yun smiled, but also with a few people chatted a few words, they ready to leave. Yun children do not go back, at night in the House on the meal, we drink two cups. Xu master look Amazon Certification at Amazon it exam the three master, said with a smile. Thank you, uncle good, nephew is disrespectful. He nodded should be under. Xu Sheng thought that in accordance with Jiang Yun that monkey anxious temper, should have come back. Ca.n not be until the moon Liu Shao head, he did not see the trail, it touches to make the rush back, said Xufu big master several surviving meal, fear is not come back to accompany his wife, so that my wife do not have to wait. Spent dinner, she took a bath to put on the couch lying on the soft room inside the room, Amazon so that green willow to her hair, took a pot

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